“Nursing is a combination of both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills. In addition to our knowledge and expertise in how to treat patients and take care of their well-being, we need to be compassionate towards our patients and treat them with love and kindness.”
Kelly Lai, Senior Staff Nurse, National University Hospital Studied: Bachelor of Science (Nursing), National University of Singapore
Career Paths and Development Programmes for scholars
Before and During Course of Study:

At the start of their journey, healthcare scholars will undergo a Leadership and Team Building Camp where they can interact and bond with their fellow scholars pursuing different healthcare disciplines. Through customised activities, scholars can further hone their leadership skills and team work.
In addition, scholars will undergo a two-day Healthcare Induction course, where they have the opportunities to gain useful insights into the evolving healthcare landscape in Singapore, key healthcare policies and the strategic developments ahead. Scholars will also have the opportunity to engage with MOH/MOHH Senior Management and key resource personnel during the two-day course.
MOHH has also introduced a new Service Learning Programme for all newly awarded scholars to reinforce learning points and core values such as empathy and care. We hope to motivate more scholars to spearhead and drive initiatives to contribute back to both local and overseas community.

During the course of study, scholars can also look forward to participating in community involvement programmes, professional seminars as well as student exchange. During their university vacations, scholars will be scheduled for internships or attachments with the public healthcare institutions, MOH or MOHH. Beyond these, scholars may also source for local or overseas internships that are relevant to their course of study and acquire useful skills that they could apply to their future work.