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What is MOH Holdings (MOHH) doing to attract more Healthcare Scholars? What can Healthcare Scholarship hopefuls look forward to?
Ching Yee: MOHH works closely with schools to give career talks and inform students about various career options in public healthcare. By helping students learn more about the healthcare sector through healthcare discovery tours, job-shadowing or attachment programmes, it provides them with the experience and relevant resources to make an informed choice.

At the start of their scholarship journey, Healthcare Scholars will undergo a structured Healthcare Induction programme, where they will participate in camps, service learning programmes and various policy-sharing cum dialogue sessions. Some scholars also take up short internships with MOH, MOHH or one of the healthcare institutions prior to their course commencement.

During their studies, scholars have opportunities to participate in various developmental programmes such as professional seminars, student exchange programmes and community involvement programmes. They can also look forward to meeting members of the senior management and engaging healthcare leaders and professionals from different healthcare institutions. In fact, I try to meet up with our overseas scholars when I travel abroad for work trips! For example, I recently met up with a group of respiratory therapy scholars in Boston, US, after speaking at the 2014 Singapore Seminar organised by the Public Service Commission (PSC). For scholars who opt to pursue professional Allied Health courses at overseas universities, they can still keep abreast of the latest developments in the local healthcare landscape through mid-course vacation attachments at our hospitals.

And when they join the healthcare sector, scholars will be part of a multi-disciplinary team of experts who work together to deliver the best in patient care. They can also look forward to varied career experiences, where they can progress along different career tracks in a clinical setting, or in leadership, education or research. Scholars can also take on special projects or a policy stint with MOH as part of their career development!
What advice do you have for aspiring Healthcare Scholars?
Ching Yee: Aspiring Healthcare Scholars should have the head, heart and hands for healthcare. Many healthcare courses are demanding, requiring a solid mastery of literacy, numeracy and science. Scholarship hopefuls will need to possess agile minds to master and keep up with a substantial body of knowledge. They must have the passion to help others and be able to empathise keenly with their patients and family members, who have very real emotional needs and fears. To be effective, they need to apply their skills to improve patients’ health and lives.

Above all, they should do all they can to gather information about a healthcare career and take up any available internship opportunities available. Many students apply because of positive internship experiences – if the job speaks to you and appeals to your sense of compassion, go ahead and apply for the scholarship!

Tan Ching Yee
Designation: Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health
Studied: Master of Science in Management, Stanford University, US Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Cambridge, UK
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